After being rescued from the streets, this stray puppy can’t stop smiling!

Beautiful puppy! Such a sweetness in his eyes.

Such A Beautiful puppy I’ll take that Beautiful Smile any day… Love that he has smiles…

The rescued dogs were all overjoyed; one of them cried out in delight or jumped on the rescuer, while others laughed and wagged their tails nonstop.
These moments all have one thing in common: they are all very touching and memorable.

Recently, a dog named Layla was rescued by Beaumont Animal Care after she was seen wa.nde.ring the streets alone for a few days. A volunteer named Rachel Barron told her in a childlike voice, Layla is amused and even smiling, she is like an innocent and honest baby.

Everyone was quick to capture this wonderful moment, Layla, who was so overjoyed to be receiving human care and attention for the first time that she couldn’t stop grinning and wagging her pretty little tail. Perhaps this is her way of thanking Rachel for her sweet gestures.
A local couple was eventually chosen as Layla’s new family.

Layla quickly adjusted to her new surroundings and got along with the other dogs in her new family after they brought her home. She has caring human parents and friendly siblings with whom she enjoys playing with. Layla is now happier than she has ever been!

Cheers to Layla, who has a very sweet expression in her eyes!

What a beautiful little face, so pleased he has been rescued, may he live a long and happy life, he deserves it

Beautiful puppy anyone would be blessed to have you in there home sending hugs and lots of love.

Bless his little heart!

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