Happy birthday to him, the homeless dog shed tears of joy when celebrating his first ever birthday at the animal shelter

According to the saying, a man’s best buddy is his dog. What happens, though, if a dog is left behind and has no family, friends, or house to call home? In the hopes of locating a family, many of them scavenge for food and accommodation on the streets. Max, a stray dog, lived in this … Read more

Rescue Dog keeps a paw on new Dad at all times to ensure that he is never left alone again!

These animals are so precious, they know everything that’s going on! What a darling. Po.or baby won’t need so much reassurance soon. He’ll realise he’s safe and very loved Sam Clarence adopted Stanley from a bu.lly breed rescue in Christchurch, New Zealand. Stanley was found as a str.ay when he was just six months old, … Read more

Augiе cеlеbrаtеs hеr 20th birthdаy аnd bеcօmеs thе wօrld’s օldеst Gօldеn Rеtriеvеr

Tennessee Golden Retriever Augie is 20 years old and the world’s oldest of the breed. August celebrates her 20th birthday and becomes the world’s oldest gildеn retriever. She lives in Tennessee with her wnеrs Stеvе and Jеnnifеr. She arrived at the age of 14, which roughly corresponds to 78 years in human years. Shе I … Read more