Countries That Are Dependent On Agriculture and Natural Food

Agriculture plays a significant role in the economy of a country. Agriculture is essential for the survival of human beings, and that is because it provides us with some essential products and further on some important bi-products are made from these. It basically includes the cultivation of plants, breeding and taking care of livestock, and fish for domestic consumption. Agriculture helps us in the production of food, shelter, clothing and accessories.

Countries With Highest GDP in Agriculture:

Countries With Highest GDP in Agriculture

Following is the list of countries where the agriculture has the highest GDP countries as per the facts and figures of 2017 as per CIA:

Sr. No Country Agriculture GDP Percentage
1 Sierra Leone 60.7% (2017 est.)
2 Somalia 60.2% (2017 est.)
3 Chad 59% (2017 est.)
4 Comoros 49.5% (2017 est.)
5 Niger 41.5% (2017 est.)
6 Guinea Bissau 44.1% (2017 est.)
7 Mali 40.9% (2017 est.)
8 Liberia 36.1% (2017 est.)
9 Ethiopia 35.8% (2017 est.)
10 Solomon Islands 34.3% (2017 est.)

Sierra Leone With Highest Agriculture GDP Percentage:

Sierra Leone is a country where agricultural GDP is highest, i.e. 60.7% as per the studies of 2017. Agriculture along with forestry and fishing play an essential role in the economy of Sierra Leone and has much of agricultural assets to support the country itself and also to export it to other to other countries. Rice and Cassava are the essential harvests in the region and adding to that coffee, coffee, oil palm and cashew nuts are the major crops in Sierra Leone. The country also has to face many agricultural losses, and there are many reasons behind that. These reasons include lack of better imports, shortage of labor, and post-harvest losses. The land is also getting degraded, and the act of deforestation has also resulted in degrading the fertility of soil which hinders the agricultural development in the country.


USAID also supports the agriculture in the country, and they provide loans to provide private investments for agriculture. They are working on strengthening the relational between the farmer and the market to produce a better agricultural outcome, and they also grant lands to small medium and large scale enterprises to help the people and the economy of the country to alleviate poverty in the region. The thing is that poverty in this region hinders in the way of perfect architectural plans in the area. Men, women and children, all are promoted to play their role in agricultural growth in the country.


Somalia is the country that comes second on the list of most agriculturally dependent countries. The agriculture is the field that makes up more than 60% of the entire GDP as per the facts and figures of 2017. The land of the country is arid, and approximately 1.6% of the total land area of the country is used for agriculture. The commonly adopted agricultural activity is pastor farming in which the farmers use livestock. Bananas are one of the most important crops in Somalia. In 1990 more than 110,000 tons of bananas were yielded. Adding to that some other cash crops are also cultivated here. Sugarcane is the most important one in them. The war in the country has caused many problems out here. It has led to a decline in production through agriculture.

Problems In Countries With Better Agricultural GDP Percentage:

The thing that is common in all the countries in which agriculture is feasible and has high GDP in the overall figure is that these countries don’t’ have a stable economy and if we look into the list of countries that are agriculturally sufficient, they have poverty as a common factor. So the thing is that government should pay heed towards the agricultural improvements in the country to promote it and it should take radical steps to strengthen the relationship between the farmer and market in order to produce a better position in the international market.

Countries that produce the most Food:

Countries that depends on Agriculture

Food is a basic necessity, and every human being on earth needs some form of food to stay alive. But there are only some nations in the world that actually have a better agricultural system for the production of food. The reason is that a vast amount of land is required for cultivating crops. Some countries that produce the most food are actually the ones that cover a large area.

The United States has been the superpower in the production of food. This is because the agriculture system here is quite balanced to feed the massive population and also export the agricultural products to the rest of the world. India is also one of the nations where production is much high but as the population of the country is quite high. SO most of the produced goods are consumed within the country itself.

China also produces a vast amount, but most of its production is consumed by its own population as it is a country with a quite dense population. The fourth country that produces the most food is Brazil. The widely produced crops here include sugar cane, soybeans and beef.

Russia is also a huge country, but it’s not on the list of countries that produce most food. It is in fact, the nation in the world and has the ninth largest population. But the reason why it cannot produce a massive amount of food is that most of the land in the nation is not suitable for cultivation. The land is not farmable. Another thing that gets in the way is the climate of the country. The weather is harsh as it is located in the north.

China: Producing Most Food Through Agriculture:

China is first on the list. The country is one of the largest one in the world and also has a vast population. China is also known to be the largest producer of tobacco in the world. If we compare it to the other nations, China is not only the most abundant produce, but it is also the biggest consumer and importer. The land out here is mostly mountainous and arid. But on the bright side, some of the land in the eastern and southern region is quite adequate for agriculture. The nation has a large workforce of more than 315 million people.

Some crops that are found in abundance in China. These include broccoli, peanuts, pumpkins, watermelons, onions, cabbage, rice, potatoes, wheat, tomatoes, grapes, pears, apples, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, plums, green beans, eggplant, honey, goat, sheep and some other agricultural products.

2. India

India is one of the developing nations in the world. The nation produces more amount of calorie-containing products. It is the second largest producer of food in the world. The food produced by the nation is mostly used within the country itself. Adding to that the population of India is increasing rapidly and because of that there is a need for much more food. The experts state that if the population of the nation goes on increasing like that, it will become one of the most populous countries in the world.

Agricultural Dependent Countries

The birth rate right now is quite high, and that also points out to the crisis in the future.

The United States:

The US is not only one of the largest producers of food through agriculture and livestock but it the most efficient producer. The workforce in the United States is not that much as China, but the nation has much larger production as compared to its labor. Food is produced in almost all parts of the nations. The lead producing states in America are Illinois, Iowa, California, Nebraska and Texas.

America is the largest exporter of food in the market as it supplies tons and tons of food to many countries across the world. The food produced through agriculture is utilized by its own population also. The farming out here is quite productive. Many research programs also look up for ways and means to produce better crops. This is the reason why the US dominated the export market of food. Due to the advancements in farming methods, the production rate in the country has doubled after the cold war.


Brazil is the fourth largest producer of food in the world. Most of this food is produced here through agriculture. Brazil is also one of the largest producers of tobacco in the world. More than 30% of the total land of Brazil is used for cultivation. Most of the land is used for cultivating soybeans, coffee, sugarcane, and corn. Some minor crops of Brazil also include pineapples, oranges, papaya and coconuts.

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