Factors which Make a City Best for Students

These days, education has become a basic necessity. Everyone needs to acquire an excellent education to build a successful career. Adding to that students and youth are the ones who will be taking control. So they need to be fed with the best education so that they turn out to be healthy, active and experienced individuals.

Most of the countries have universities, schools and colleges for educating the youth. But the education of some countries is better than other. So the students often go abroad for their studies. It is a dream of every parent that their children get the best education.

The Best Cities for international students:

Higher Education

QS Ranking of cities Is based upon many factors, and the top 10 cities of the world that are considered to be the best for the students are as follows:

1 London United Kingdom
2 Tokyo Japan
3 Melbourne Australia
4 Montreal Canada
5 Paris France
6 Munich Germany
7 Berlin Germany
8 Zurich Switzerland
9 Sydney Australia
10 Seoul South Korea

Methodology of Ranking:

There are many factors that define why the city is best for the student to study and dwell in. Adding to that there are many other things that indicate whether the city is valid for ranking it in the list. For a region to be listed in the ranking, the population must be at least 250,000. Adding to that there must be two universities there that have been recently ranked in QS best universities list. As of the current statistics of different regions all across the world, there are only 125 cities in total that fulfill this criteria.

In QS Ranking, the authorities use the following factors for the ranking of cities:

  • Rankings:

This category basically is analyzed to check the collective performance of the universities located in a metropolis. If the number of universities and institutes in this region are well known, there are more chances that the city appears in the list

  • Student Mix:

The proportion of international and local students in the city. Through this measure QS analyses the percentage population of the students in the specific city. National and international students both are counted in this. This matters a lot because if a city has more number of students, the chances are that there are more facilities for them in the area.

  • Desirability:

The measure of how much the city is appreciated for studying in the world. This matters a lot, and it is often calculated through surveys. If people have a specific region in their top priorities for studying abroad, it means that the city is that great to be considered.

  • Employer Activity:
Tokyo is the Second Best Student City

QS analysis the employer activities in the region. This is important because local and international students do need full-time and part-time jobs to make both ends meet. So the cities that have more chances of employment are considered to be favourable for students.

  • Affordability:

Affordability is one of the key factors that indicate the favorability for the pupil who comes from different regions. The cost of living and education, both are kept in mind while planning for studies. So, QS keeps track of the surviving cost of a region to rank it in the list.

  • Student Experience:

Pupils that live in the city and study there have the actual idea of the situations in the region. So the people that study in a town are surveyed for have the idea of the current conditions. Adding to that another factor that is considered is that whether the students prefer to reside in the region after graduation.

London: The Most Student Friendly City:

In the QS ranking of best student cities, London is on top of the list. London is not a cheap city to live in for the international students and the EU students. But the fact that it is considered to be the best student city in the world, it is because there are universities in the city that provide a world-class education.

Education in London

University Students

London is the academic hub in the United Kingdom. The 7th best university in the world is located in the city, i.e. UCL (University College London). Some of the world’s most prestigious world-class facilities are present here including the British Library. The library has the vastest and extended collections of books and manuscripts from all across the world.

Lifestyle and Facilities:

Adding to these facilities, the city also has a lot of careers and social opportunities. The environment here is super friendly, and it doesn’t take much time to get adjusted here. King’s London College is also one of the top 25 institutes and is located in this city.

Ranking of London:

Here’s a list of some important statistics about London that lead it to 1st on the list:

Factor Statistics
Number of universities ranked by QS 17
Highest-ranked institution UCL (University College London) (7th in the world)
Population 13,880,000
Average international fees (at ranked unis) US$21,200
Desirability rank 18th
Employer Activity rank 2nd
Affordability rank 113th
Student View rank 13th

Tokyo is the Second Best Student City

According to best student cities QS ranking, Tokyo is the second best city for students in the world. China is one of the fast developing nations and Tokyo is the capital city of it.

The University of Tokyo is ranked 28th best university in the world. The renowned institutes here include Keio University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU), Waseda University and Tokyo Metropolitan University

The life Style and Education in Tokyo

University Students

The city is filled with culture, technologies and almost everything. The student population is quite less in Tokyo than the other cities in QS ranking. 13 of the internationally ranked universities are located in this beautiful capital city. The pace of life is quite fast. So for those who want to live in the hustle and bustle of life and make a career out of their education, Tokyo is one of the best options to go for.

Ranking of Tokyo:

Here’s a list of some important statistics about Tokyo that lead it to 2nd on the list:

Factor Statistics
Number of universities ranked by QS 14
Highest-ranked institution University of Tokyo (joint 28th in the world)
Population 37,800,000
Average international fees (at ranked unis) US$6,700
Desirability rank 2nd 
Employer Activity rank 1st
Affordability rank 51st
Student View rank 17th

Melbourne, Best Place for Students

The capital of Australia comes third on the list of student-friendly cities in the world. There are many reasons why it secures the third spot. First of all, the city offers world-class education for international and local students. There are many universities in the city that are renown and are recognized worldwide. In fact, Melbourne is the home of 7 of the world top universities in the QS Top 500. The University of Melbourne is worth mentioning as it secures the 41st spot on the list of best institutes in the World.

Lifestyle in Melbourne

The Aussie lifestyle also is quite charming as there are many beaches. Adding to that the nightlife here is quite fun. It is easy for a person from outside AU to adjust in Melbourne. This is because the environment is quite friendly and the foods here are delicious.

Employment Opportunities:

The students who travel to other sections of the world for higher education are quite careful about their expenses. They also look up for some part-time jobs that they can do to help them get some extra cash to make up for their expenditure. For them, AU’s capital has much to offer.

Australia is quite generous in providing employment opportunities for international students. For the students who come from different sections of the world to study in Melbourne can work for about 40 hours per fortnight.

Countries with best higher education

Ranking of Melbourne:

Here’s a list of some important statistics about Melbourne that lead it to 3rd in the list:

Factor Statistics
Number of institutions ranked by QS 7
Highest-ranked institution University of Melbourne (joint 41st in the world)
Population 4,530,000
Average international fees (at ranked unis) US$23,300
Desirability rank 8th
Employer Activity rank 10th
Affordability rank 102nd
Student View rank 3rd

Montreal, One of the Most Desirable Locations:

Being the cultural hub of Canada, Montreal is one of the best locations for studying abroad. It’s ranked 4th best in the student city. It is the home for some of the renown institutes in the world including the McGill University and Universite de Montreal. The lifestyle of the city is quite lively. There are attractive boulevards and industries promote creativity. The café culture here is also better than other places. Adding to these attractions, the nightlife is much more thrilling here.

Ranking of Montreal:

Here’s a list of some important statistics about Montreal that lead it to 4th on the list:

Factor Statistics
Number of universities ranked by QS  3
Highest-ranked institution McGill University (32nd in the world)
Population 4,127,000
Average international fees (at ranked unis) US $12,200
Desirability rank 10th
Employer Activity rank 20th
Affordability rank 69th
Student Experience rank 1st
Overall Ranking 4th


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