Cute Dog and Baby Cuddle on the Couch

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Hi there! My name is Ginger, and I am here to share a story of something interesting that happened with one of my friends recently! I have been with my owners for a long time, and I really like the way things are. At the same time, I understand that change is a part of life, but some changes are definitely bigger than others!

For example, my humans recently changed my water bowl, changing out the typical one for a water bowl that has a moving fountain in it! It took me awhile to figure out exactly how it worked, but I actually like the water better because it keeps moving! It stays cold, doesn’t get stale, and simply tastes better!

Well, even though this change took me a little while to adjust to, one of my other friends had a much bigger change happened in his life recently! His humans actually welcomed another living creature in their homes! In actuality, it wasn’t another dog, cat, lizard, or some other type of pet. They actually welcomed another human into the world!

I cannot imagine what my life would be like if my humans decided to add another one to the mix! I mean, having two humans at home is enough!

The human that my friend’s owners welcomed is a tiny one! I mean, I could not believe how small this human was when I first heard about what happened! My humans are much bigger than I am! On the other hand, this human is actually smaller than my friend! The tiny human actually lays on the stomach of my friend, and they keep each other warm!

Now, my friend has told me that there are sometimes when he gets irritated. It appears that this tiny human is unable to learn that it is not okay to pull on his tail! I mean, if someone were to spend a lot of time pulling on my tail, I’m pretty sure that I would get irritated as well! On the other hand, it sounds like the two are getting along really well.

Even though my friend says that it can be frustrating to have another tiny human at home, he feels a sense of responsibility to this new living creature. After all, he has been in the house a lot longer than his tiny human has, so he has to show his new human companion the ropes. This might include barking at the tiny human when he does something wrong, protecting him against dangers that might be present in the home, and keeping him warm when it starts to get cold outside.

The reality is that the tiny human is really cute and has a lot in common with my friend! Both of them require a steady dose of attention to be happy! Even though there are situations where they might be competing with each other for the attention of the other humans at home, they have a fantastic relationship over all! Sometimes, the tiny human makes shrieking noises that can be irritating for my friend, but the new human also makes cute noises from time to time! It turns out that this tiny human even asks my friend for kisses occasionally!

Without a doubt, what my friend is describing to me sounds like true love! It got me thinking about what my future might hold with my humans as well! I wonder what might happen down the road?

As I try to imagine what my life would be like with another human at home, it actually puts a smile on my face. Without a doubt, it would take me a while to get used to. I’m sure that my humans would pay more attention to this tiny human than they currently do to me; however, I understand that the new tiny human might not be able to take care of himself or herself right away. Even though it would be nice to ease into the idea of having another human at home, I understand that not everything is planned! I’m just happy that my friend and his new tiny human are getting along well.