Abandoned stray puppy chasing police officer down the street hanging on his feet asks to adopt him

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Two dedicated LAPD Hollywood Division officers, Mercado and Tavera, were on patrol in the city’s streets when they came upon a small dog on Hobart Boulevard. The puppy had been abandoned on the streets and was without a caregiver.
The tiny thing saw two policemen and thought they could help him. Hurriedly pursuing them down the street, he begged for help. He trotted after them, crying eloquently as he did so to get their attention. The two officers realized at that time that they couldn’t help but be drawn to the helpless young sweetheart.

The dog was taken away right away, and they took him to their police car. While traveling over, he was unable to resist cuddling and admiring the officers. Love for his rescuers filled his tiny heart to the brim.

The police officers were kind and compassionate as they cared for the puppy while escorting him to the police station. He was given the name Hobart in honor of the location where they first saw him.

Hobart was clearly yearning for someone to love and guard him, so everyone agreed to give him up to a shelter to find him a new home. Contrarily, Mercado ultimately chose to adopt him. He wanted him to be the happiest puppy ever.

We are overjoyed that Hobart is now content to live with his devoted owner. After everything that has happened, he now has a joyful family and a kind father.
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