After hearing noises coming from the drain, a dog was rescued from an underground pipe

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You sometimes need to pay attention to your surroundings. You never know when something strange or odd will catch your attention and transform your life. These employees at Boveney Lock in Dorney, Buckinghamshire, are precisely in that situation.

They were employed because the owner of a lost dog thought the animal might be underground. Everyone believed the owner was insane because, after all, how could a dog go under the ground?

But picture yourself crossing a parking lot when you notice an odd noise emanating from the ground. What would you do if your dog went missing?

These teams made the decision to begin digging.
Until they reached the underground pipe, they tore up all of the dirt and concrete.

They had to cut a hole in the pipe once they got there in order to determine the source of the noise.
The employee found something within that he never imagined was possible.

Deep beneath the underground conduit, a tiny Jack Russell Terrier dog was imprisoned and afraid. Even more amazing is the fact that the dog spent more than 4 days imprisoned inside the conduit.

What a remarkable and brave tale—saving the dog from a pipe. I’m relieved that this animal rescue had a successful outcome even though I wasn’t expecting them to discover a living animal inside.

It has been repeatedly demonstrated that dogs are man’s best companion.

I would do all in my ability to free a dog if I heard one in a location like this. The owner won’t ever again let her small dog out of her sight, I’m sure of it.

To prevent this from happening again, they must figure out how he got there and seal off the entry.